Inspiration does not pursue a straight line. It travels through cycles. Lines in circles around one another. Space appears and recedes, shaping itself into patterns. Across continents and through cultures, we follow the flow, along the path from pole to point and back again. Hand-drawn. Hand-screened. Inspired by the journey. Designed in LA


 BY THE YARD: New Lands


Exploration is more than travel — It’s an inner expedition, one with humble beginnings. A scrap of cloth, a piece of pottery. From a place in the mind, a pattern emerges. The further it goes, the closer it comes to home. Hand-drawn. Hand-printed. Inspired by the journey. Made in LA.




Our Mountains of the Moon collection is a story of convergence. It follows the thread of inspiration from 1920s African bark cloth of the Ituri forest, through the abstract art of 1930s Paris, to the heyday of Russian Constructivism. Each hand-cut pattern contains imperfect edges — the record of an artist working in our own time and place.